BBC Peddle RHS Climate Lies

If I’d followed this advice my garden would be a Mediterranean wasteland. I went for hardy and never looked back.


By Paul Homewood


The Royal Horticultural Society has just published a 45 page report “Gardening in a Changing Climate”. I strongly suspect that most gardeners will get most value out of it by putting it in the compost bin!

It has been written by Dr Eleanor Webster, who is employed by the RHS as a climate scientist. Quite why they feel they should be wasting members fees on a climate scientist is beyond me.

The BBC report gives a feel for the rubbish it contains:

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2 thoughts on “BBC Peddle RHS Climate Lies

  1. The incredible bias of the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation ) is becoming more and more apparent on a number of issues.
    I very nearly joined the RHS last year but decided it was too expensive, so I joined Garden Organic instead.
    Maybe some one should direct the RHS to Weather Action or Adapt 2030
    Thank you for the post!

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