Climate Scientist Michael Mann Borrows the Words of a Holocaust Survivor to Express His Personal Angst

Apart from being highly distasteful, the degree of projection is astounding;
Then they came for the scientists, and I did not speak out—

When Maibach shares a draft of the in-progress letter with Alex Bozmoski, strategy director at GMU’s Energy and Enterprise Initiative, Bozmoski notes: “It’s just an impossible topic to not scream hard-core left. You’re talking about prosecuting conservatives.” (Correct!) Maibach’s response, in full: “LOL. Good points.”

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Judith Curry – Climate scientist Michael Mann seems to think his personal distress at having his theories and scientific conduct criticised is comparable to the suffering of holocaust survivor Martin Niemöller, who endured eight years of internment in NAZI concentration camps because of his outspoken opposition to Adolf Hitler.

Michael Mann: If You Believe in Science You Must Now Make Your Voice Heard

That evidence now shows us that we face a stark choice, between a future with a little more climate change that we will still have to adapt to and cope with, and one with catastrophic climate change that will threaten the future of life as we know it.

And so here we are, at a crossroads.

Let me be blunt.

Never before have we witnessed science under the kind of assault it is being subject to right now…

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