2 thoughts on “Watch “Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes, Media Ignores (400)”

    • According to Dr Jack Kruse, we are ALL cold adapted as we are descendants of earths last ice age. So … save up tins of food, and animal furs …. practice ice adapting (cryotherapy) … and all stop your whinging about mythical global warming!! By the way – if we have a serious, long-term Ice Age – there will be little we can do about it. SO … a plea to the unwashed, ignorant masses who vote by Facebook… stop voting for windmills and solar panels and a sea of battery storage that powers one (small) city for 3 hours!! Enjoy the warmth, vote for cheap reliable clean power sources such as High Energy Low Emission Coal-fired generators, and count yourselves LUCKY … it’s ice you have to fear, not warmth – try’s growing a steak and vegetables in the ice …

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