ARCTIC SEA ICE –Ralph’s Chill–

Why call storms by various names? Caleb has a fine solution to call all low pressure at the pole Ralph and it seems Ralph is ‘unprecedented’ in his persistence these past Arctic summers.

A really enjoyable post with a wonderful story of early arctic expeditions and presidential desks!!!

Sunrise's Swansong

After a week of dominating the Pole, Ralph is starting to fade away towards Siberia, as Byoof finally starts to rebuild over the Beaufort Sea. Models suggest we are likely to see the low pressure on the Siberian side, with Byoof building on the Canadian side, which should suck some mild air north through Bering Strait. However a Pacific-to-Atlantic cross-polar-flow may be blocked by an extension of Byoof across the north Atlantic. This block will be an interesting complication, but is off in the fog of the future. Uncertainty is involved.

We can be a little less uncertain regarding the present. If course, there are various glitches involved in our instrumentalizations, but it does seem Ralph cooled the air at the Pole.

Ralph C1 cmc_t2m_arctic_2

You may note that over Greenland there are temperatures below zero (-17°C), but that is because Greenland’s icecap is well over 10,000 feet up. (Icecap is 12,119 feet…

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