Climate chaos – the once and future dragon-king

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Terra et Aqua

Suppose for a moment that the unthinkable happens and the planet doesn’t warm for another decade or two – and then cools.  The ramifications for carbon mitigation politics would seem obvious.  Of course people have been saying this for some time now – and it usually leads to the wrong conclusion.  That greenhouse gases have little influence on climate.  Some more astute voices have been speculating about this potential since the turn of the century – and suggesting that with dynamic climate shifts there are even greater risks of extreme hydrological and temperature changes.  Climate shifts happen at 20 to 30 year intervals – very much part of the internal variability of a complex and dynamic system.  Shifts can be extreme and persistent – local temperature changes of as much as 10oC in a decade – megadroughts and megafloods such as we have not seen in the 20th…

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