Record breaking cold weather hits Australia’s south east

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NO WONDER it was difficult getting out of bed this morning. If you’re desperate for days to get warmer, we have some good news.

Benedict Brook@BenedictBrook


July 3, 20173:54pm


Temperatures plummeted across Australia’s south east on the weekend.

WAS it difficult getting out from under the doona this weekend? Did you shiver on the way to work this morning? Well spare a thought for the people of Deniliquin.

The mercury in the NSW town, close to the Murray River, sank to -5.6C early on Sunday morning — that’s the coldest it’s been for 110 years.

It was even more icy further north as winter records were broken across NSW and Victoria — some towns recorded their coldest morning ever.

It’s so freezing, the NSW Fire and Rescue Service has been forced to warn people not to fire up barbecues indoors.

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One thought on “Record breaking cold weather hits Australia’s south east

  1. Residents abuzz after snowfall in Nyahururu (Kenya) Jul. 04, 2017
    Residents in Nyahururu experienced snowfall on Tuesday as temperatures dropped with the current cold season.
    A few centimetres of snow covered roads and adjacent farms affecting the Rumuruti-Nyahururu road and the Nyahururu-Maralal road.
    Motorists stopped to take pictures of the snowfall and share on social media, which was abuzz with remarks about climate change.
    In the evening, temperatures across much of Nairobi and its environs were below 20 degrees Celsius.
    Snow in Kenya is not a particularly common sight, given its proximity to the Equator and the vast stretches of semi-desert scrubland.
    However, Nyahururu is close to Mt Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, which is covered with snow.
    In fact, the Meru people call the mountain “Kirimara”, which translates from their language to “that which has white stuff”, in reference to the white peaks.

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