This Is CNN ……. With AL GORE And RAIN BOMBS!!!!!!

To be fair to Al Gorhythm there’s plenty more disaster porn he can and probably will come up with including rabid rainbows and decimating dew. He clearly needs the disaster cash to pay those exorbitant electricity bills and to keep flying in jets so he can preach to poor people 😱😜

suyts space

Al Gore: A disrupted water cycle can lead to — big downpours

— CNN (@CNN) August 2, 2017

Rain bombs!!!!!! Because of the old “disrupted water cycle”. Good heavens will these people quit beating this dead horse. Just the other day, Australia’s BOM got caught, , lying about the temperatures.

Exaggerations, manipulations, and lies is all I’ve ever seen from the fringe lunatics who believe our climate is warming because we now drive SUVs and the like.

But, today, and the BOM scandal are the reasons I no longer really write about this stuff. It’s all farcical, and has been for the entirety of this scare mongering. But, it’s fascinating how desperate these lunatics have become to preserve the cash cow of fear mongering. “Rain bombs”, sharknadoes, and outright data manipulation (lying), all for the “common good”, if you’re a leftist misanthropist. These people are even…

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