Two Decades of Temperature Data from Australia – Not Fit for Purpose – Jennifer Marohasy

it could be that the last 20-years of temperature recordings by the Bureau will be found not fit for purpose, and will eventually need to be discarded…I am reminded of a quote from the late Christopher Hichens: The tribe that confuses its totems and symbols with reality has succumbed to fetishism and may be more in trouble than it realises.

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What is going on with Australian temperature data? It doesn’t look good, as Jennifer Marohasy explains.

Australia is a large continent in the Southern Hemisphere. The temperatures measured and recorded by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology contribute to the calculation of global averages.

These values, of course, suggest catastrophic human-caused global warming. Two decades ago the Bureau replaced most of the manually-read mercury thermometers in its weather stations with electronic devices that could be read automatically – so since at least 1997 most of the temperature data has been collected by automatic weather stations (AWS).

Before this happened there was extensive testing of the devices – parallel studies at multiple site to ensure that measurements from the new weather stations tallied with measurements from the old liquid-in-glass thermometers.

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4 thoughts on “Two Decades of Temperature Data from Australia – Not Fit for Purpose – Jennifer Marohasy

    • MWhite thanks for the tip. I can’t reblog Tony since he left WordPress but I do put his videos up (takes time to post his blogs which I’m always lacking as I do a fair bit of research and have my head in papers or books). Watching a Tony vid shortly on hysteria and should go up then.

  1. JM writes today:
    The Minister phoned me late yesterday to let me know that the report had just been published, and that the Bureau’s investigations confirmed that Goulburn and Thredbo were the only sites where temperature records had been affected by the inability of some Bureau AWS to read low temperatures.

    What are the chances? Of the nearly 700 weather stations, I stumbled across the only two with problems.

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