Killer Storm in Romania, thanks Obama!*

Romanian YouTuber Vee Monro shows some of the devastation wrought by the ferocious storm in Romania that killed 8 and injured 137 with 100km/h winds.

Romanian media may be hyperbolic but at least I haven’t seen the dreaded Climate Change bogeyman which our media lazily reach for anytime something out of the ordinary occurs.;

Clearly had Romanians paid a carbon tax this would not have happened. 😉As you can see by the image at the top post, the Jetstream was meandering on quite a southerly route, bringing with it quite cold air to follow the heat (see below) as can be seen by looking at 850 mb temperatures

The BBC seem to have lost interest as the story has not been updated.

It looks like this storm has followed a period of unusually hot weather;

* The Thanks Obama! comes from Vee’s original YouTube video title. It’s probably better than blaming Trump which followed Harvey & Irma.

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