Hurricane Science, not Fiction

No CO2 fairy in sight

Science Matters

We continue to see activist journalism claiming recent hurricanes prove global warming and the need for efforts like the Paris accord. People writing these articles seem oblivious to the meteorological science pertaining to tropical storms. The intentional deception is discussed more fully in the post Media Duping Scandal.

Joseph D’Aleo of WeatherBELL comes to the rescue with a primer for the public to gain literacy on this topic.

What Made This Hurricane Season So Active in the Atlantic? summarizes for all of us what is common sense weather knowledge, with graphs and images to enhance understanding of this science. Excerpts below with my bolds.

What a hurricane season! It started very early with Arlene in April but the real action held off until the last week of August, when Hurricane Harvey flooded Texas and Louisiana. Harvey was the first hurricane to make landfall in Texas since Ike in 2008 and…

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