Red Sky at Noon, Hurricane Ophelia and the Memory Hole

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia caused three deaths in the Irish Republic and thousands of homes were without power. It’s the worst storm in 60 years which makes the Red Warnings by Met Eireann beforehand warranted.

Hurricane Ophelia: Schools closed and thousands without power

The evolution of the storm can be seen here on this NOAA NWS Air Mass RGB video;

Or this from the Met Office

The previous storm from 60 years ago is Debbie, which did not even make landfall but was more lethal

Hurricane Debbie is the most powerful cyclone on record to strike Ireland in September, and possibly the only tropical cyclone on record to ever strike Britain and Ireland while still tropical.


Striking Ireland as a powerful storm, Debbie brought record winds to much of the island, with a peak gust of 114 mph (183 km/h) measured just offshore. These winds caused widespread damage and disruption, downing tens of thousands of trees and power lines. Countless structures sustained varying degrees of damage, with many smaller buildings destroyed. Agriculture experienced extensive losses to barley, corn and wheat crops. Throughout Ireland, Debbie killed 18 people (12 in the Republic of Ireland and six in Northern Ireland). It caused US$40–50 million in damage in the Republic[nb 1] and at least £1.5 million (US$4 million) in Northern Ireland. The storm also battered parts of Great Britain with winds in excess of 100 mph (160 km/h).

Hurricane Debbie 1961

Joe Bastardi highlighted the contrast

Brenden Moses

Ophelia also brought with it some impressive heat the past few days

But for those unaffected by the high winds, there was another phenomenon;

Dark Skies, Orange Sun

Around lunchtime on Monday a strange eerie light covered much of the kingdom as if twilight had emerged.

Red sun phenomenon ’caused by Hurricane Ophelia’



Of course for some this was a sign

Please stop claiming humans are causing more hurricanes

When in fact it was nothing more than a sign of gross stupidity and how when you have only been on earth a nanosecond and have no grasp of history, everything is unprecedented.

It’s not like it was foreseen

This year has certainly been memorable for the Atlantic season so far. It is very difficult to compare today with our hyper ability to record and document weather events with extraordinary detail as Anthony Watts recently discussed;

This is the fourth time on record that we have had 10 Atlantic hurricanes. This is nature doing business as usual, with her swings between boom and bust. The last time there were 10 Atlantic hurricanes was in 1893, as seen in this tracking map below:

Here is something else to note. Back then, satellite, radar, and even ship to shore radio communications didn’t exist. So, there was not the same level of reporting we enjoy today.

Therefore it is possible some weak tropical storms even an 11th hurricane may have gone unreported that year. There were also 10 Atlantic hurricanes reported in 1878 and 1886.

But since modern records began in 1851, there has never been an 11-hurricane stretch that we know of, though without the modern weather technology we enjoy today, it’s quite possible storms were missed in the past.

And, for those that want to blame global warming/climate change for what is going on on 2017, they should probably explain why there were three 10 hurricane event years in a short span of time when the planet was noticeably cooler between 1850 and 1900:

10 Atlantic hurricanes so far this season, but so were there in the past

But yes blame it on Mann made climate change, because reasons.

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