Brutal cold breaks records across the US

I keep hearing how the arctic is in such a perilous state that we just can’t get any cold here in UK because of it. I’m sure in North America they agree the Arctic cold is rotten and screaming (or is that just a reflection of the state of climate science these days?) 😂

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Snow disruption in the USA, December 2017 [credit: BBC]
Climate contortionists must be working overtime to explain how this could fit into their models showing ever milder northern winters under supposedly dire man-made warming.

Bitter cold continues to blanket the northern United States and Canada as forecasters warn that the deep freeze will continue into the start of 2018, reports BBC News.

International Falls in the US state of Minnesota – the self-proclaimed “Icebox of the Nation” – saw temperatures drop to -37F (-38.3C).

New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, home of the “worst weather in the world”, set a new low record at -34F (-36.6C).

Parts of Canada are colder than the North Pole or Mars, officials say.

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2 thoughts on “Brutal cold breaks records across the US

  1. In Texas, this is the coldest we have been in MANY years. A weather blog called Texas Storm Watch ( has been on this since October. They had predicted a colder than normal winter for most of the state, even though the overwhelming majority did not. Most base their forecasts solely on forecast models like the CFS, which have a warm bias. Glad to see the cold return, though!

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