What is Global Temperature? Is it warming or cooling?

A good primer on global temperature…which despite the sophistication is still very much back of the envelope.

Science Matters

H/T graeme for asking a good question.

This blog features a monthly update on ocean SST averages from HadSST3 (latest is Oceans Cool Off Previous 3 Years). Graeme added this comment:
I came across this today. Can you comment as your studies seem to show the reverse! Regards, Graeme Weber

While thinking about a concise, yet complete response, I put together this post. This is how I see it, to the best of my knowledge.

The question could be paraphrased in these words: Why are there differences between various graphs that report changes in global temperatures?

The short answer is: The differences arise both from what is measured and how the measurements are processed.

For example, consider HadSST3 as one example and GISSTEMP as another. All climate temperature products divide the earth surface into grid cells for analysis. This is necessary because a global average can be…

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