UK weather: ‘Beast from the east’ cold snap to stay into next week

In waiting for the nutters to claim this as evidence of climate change, as they have in the US polar outbreaks, when the SSW and ours effects were forecast weeks ago.

BTW temperatures are looking to be about 10°C+ below average, during Weds/Thurs with highs below zero widely.

Can we have some global warming please? 😁

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Cold end to February 2018 in Davos
Unusual for the start of March in the UK perhaps, but this looks quite tame compared to forecasts of well below -15C (overnight) for some parts of central Europe.

Forecasters warn of prolonged spell of icy and snowy conditions into early March, reports The Week.

The United Kingdom is bracing for a severe wintry snap in the coming days, as a blast of cold weather dubbed the “Beast from the East” approaches.

The icy conditions are believed to be caused by a weather phenomenon called a “sudden stratospheric warming” above the North Pole, which will drag very cold air from Siberia to the UK as early as next week.

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2 thoughts on “UK weather: ‘Beast from the east’ cold snap to stay into next week

  1. I like it! Nutters, an adequate description for the climate alarmists.I’m just waiting for some global warming so the children can get into the school garden and do some planting. Bryan R Gregory

  2. I served with a guy who called himself the Beast from the East in the 1970s. A really warm hearted fellow from what I remember. Thank goodness we have melodrama in our weather forecasting and news these days, otherwise a Siberian High would just be another normal weather event like the ones we learnt about in school in the 1960s…

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