Record Cold In Europe…Greenland Adds 12 Billion Tonnes Of Snow And Ice In Single Day….Enough to Cover 275 Manhattans!

From NoTricksZone

We all recall the hysterical reactions from global warming alarmists whenever an Antarctic glacier calves and a huge chunk of ice cap breaks away in the summertime. The headlines would scream: Ice chunk as big as Manhattan breaks off! (due to global warming, they want us to believe).

Yet in the wintertime when such a mass (or even far more gets added suddenly), you only hear silence.

Our Japanese skeptic and friend Kirye at Twiiter informs us, citing data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), that Greenland added some 12 gigatonnes of snow and ice on February 24 alone.


Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze, sets new record low

In Germany meteorologist Dominik Jung … comments on the Zugspitze record, citing data from the Germany DWD national weather service:

At -30.5°C there during the night into Tuesday, never has it been that cold there during the last ten-day period in February.”

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4 thoughts on “Record Cold In Europe…Greenland Adds 12 Billion Tonnes Of Snow And Ice In Single Day….Enough to Cover 275 Manhattans!

  1. If the 12 Billions tonnes of snow and ice figure is in fact correct, it’s irrelevant because that will all be gone and then some by summer. The long term cycles of the peak and a nadir temperature differentials of 10 degrees Centigrade had an average length of about 100k years, building over the last 3 million years. We are already over the apex of the current cycle by one or two degrees of the current 100K cycle, and still climbing. We’re screwed Dr. Corbyn. Wait until the massive methane geysers start.

    • It may be gone or it may not, it did a good job last year accumulating as with such cold temperatures even after anonymous warmth you still get snow. As for ice age changes they can set in within months to decades, also nothing new. We are also comparing apples to oranges with the modern temperature record compared to proxy data smoothed at the decadal or centennial scale. If it cools for 30 years, even at the rate we did from the 1940s-70s what would the past look like similarly smoothed? You do know the concern is with projected changes and acceleration not actual changes. There really is nothing to see out of the ordinary. As for the methane bomb, please.

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