UK Sea Level Rise In 2017

But, but, but Paul…the Times said its doom;

Dublin and Cork will face energy blackouts by 2050 as power plants are flooded by rising sea levels, a study has warned.

Belfast would also face a direct threat of flooding caused by climate change if radical changes are not made worldwide to tackle rising temperatures.

Irish people will be among billions of city dwellers likely to be threatened just 30 years from now, say researchers. Coastal cities will be hit by heatwaves, flooding, food and water shortages.

Who are these sage ‘researchers’ foretelling the doom 500mm rise in 30 years (i. e. ~17mm per year)? ;

The study was carried out by environmental lobby groups and C40 Cities, a group of cities taking action on climate change.


And who funds C40?

Clinton Foundation
World Bank
UK Government!!!

So we help fund this nonsense. 🤐


By Paul Homewood


Tide gauge data for the UK has just been published by PSMSL for 2017, so we can take a look at the latest numbers for the two major, long running sites at North Shields and Newlyn:



Long term rates of rise are similar to what we are used to seeing globally, although it must be pointed out that the coast at Newlyn is sinking, maybe by as much as 1mm/year. (See above map).

The 120-month running totals show the enormous amount of variability, not just on a monthly or annual basis, but even over much longer periods.



Little wonder then that proper oceanographers advise against relying on such short term trends. For instance, Bruce Douglas stated in 1996:

NOAA publish 50-year sea level trends for major sites. These are run at 5-year intervals, and have recently been updated for 2015.

Data for North Shields and…

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One thought on “UK Sea Level Rise In 2017

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