BBC Mislead Public With Fake Heat Record Scares

“Urbanization in Phoenix has quickly converted geographic terrains from natural landscapes, such as grasslands, open soil, and undisturbed desert area, and cultivated vegetation, such as croplands, to manmade engineered surfaces and infrastructure. The effect of the built-up environment manifests itself by impacting turbulent transport radiative heat exchange and hydrological processes, especially in urban canopies [36]. Schatz and Kucharik also demonstrated in their paper that the built-up environment was the primary driver of the spatial change in temperature patterns in the urban area [37]. They found that urban environments, together with their dark impervious surfaces and reduced vegetation cover, normally have large heat capacity and high thermal conductivity rates [34,38,39,40,41,42]. This not only causes less incoming solar radiant energy to be reflected, but also less of the energy to be converted to latent heat associated with evaporation and transpiration [43].”
Spatio-Temporal Modeling of the Urban Heat Island in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area: Land Use Change Implications
Wang et. al 2016


By Paul Homewood

Now the BBC has jumped on the “record temperature” scam, set off in the Washington Post last week:


Parts of the world are sweltering in record temperatures – and it’s not a problem confined only to summer in the northern hemisphere.

Records are being broken across the globe – so where have things been particularly bad? And why is this happening?

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