It’s the Atlantic Stupid, Joe Bastardi on the European Heatwave

Europe heat wave attribution to man-made climate change is the same kind of nonsense we saw with the hot dry summers of 2010-12 (and it’s showing up again where and when it gets hot everywhere around the planet). Still, on the bright side, it gives me a chance to show what we know and how we use it in our job!

Let me propose something for our Euro friends here. Atlantic sea surface temperatures have undergone two major transitions. The first is the huge drop in the northwest Atlantic from 2012.

Here’s now:

The second is the temperature drop in the tropics, which you can plainly see above. Compare that to last year.

Notice the skinny band of leftover warmth. Let’s make this even more vivid so we can see it better.

Now look at where the 500 mb ridge has developed in relation to the skinny band of warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures.

Wow. Isn’t that amazing?

So, let me get this straight. We are getting attribution to humans when the cooling of the Atlantic — which has been real and spectacular — leaves a skinny band of warm water, the response to which puts the ridge over Europe and makes it hot. The widespread cooling of one-sixth of the world’s ocean (the north Atlantic), which should be raising eyebrows as far as implications on patterns opposite the warming missive, is turned around and blamed on CO2 and “climate change” because the result is a heat wave in Europe.

Warm is warming. Cold is warming. In essence, that is the claim.

Read the rest here

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