Hottest Summer Evah? Not According To CET.

It’s quite likely as Climate Realists had stated that UHI is behind much of this “record”. Much of June had relatively cool sub 10°C nights, with the centre of town a good 2-3°C warmer (guess where the official temperatures are recorded?). The DM noted back in June about when London had an uncomfortable night with an 18°C min, whilst the surrounding countryside was cozy under 10°C.1995, 2003 and 2006, which I spent in London, certainly felt hotter than this year and those who lived through 1976 have 2018 not even close. It was a great summer though, yet again caused by blocking.


By Paul Homewood

The Met Office are desperate to show this summer as the hottest evah:


August was a fairly average month but it marked the end of what was a remarkable summer for many.

With one day to go, it is clear that 2018 has been one of the hottest summers on record for the UK, however, the margin between the mean temperatures at the top of the league tables (records dating back to 1910) is so small that at this point it is impossible to say if 2018 will be an outright winner. It is very close to the record-breaking summers of 2006 (15.78C), 2003 (15.77C), and 1976 (15.77C) all of which are within 0.01C of each other.

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