Much Ado About Methane

A nice summary popping the methane bubble thrown up when we are not scared enough.

Science Matters

California Methane gas leak “equivalent to emissions from seven million cars a day,” February 2016. Source: Sierra Club

The recent leak in California attracted mass media attention and now Canada and the US have announced reductions in methane emissions, timed to show PM Trudeau’s visit was not just window dressing. But how important is methane as an issue for the climate or the environment?
From Sea Friends (here):

Methane is natural gas CH4 which burns cleanly to carbon dioxide and water. Methane is eagerly sought after as fuel for electric power plants because of its ease of transport and because it produces the least carbon dioxide for the most power. Also cars can be powered with compressed natural gas (CNG) for short distances.

In many countries CNG has been widely distributed as the main home heating fuel. As a consequence, methane has leaked to the atmosphere in…

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