@Piers_Corbyn UN (IPCC) launches yet another  ‘Final desperate Climate Alarm call’

Piers’ 6 point challenge

Piers Corbyn commented on LBC Nick Ferrari show & BBC RadioKent and says:
1. “This is most deluded, desperate, dishonest and fraudulent ever warning of Climate Doom to emanate from the UN, equal only in dishonesty and false-alarmism to their infamous WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Report which led to the Iraq war. The BBCTV+Radio4 (with ITV + SkyNews following) to explicitly avoid balance on this issue is a disgraceful attack on freedom of expression and their DUTY to provide balance. THE REASON FOR THE SCRAPPING OF DEBATE IS BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE CLIMATE ALARM STORY IS FALSITY SO THEY ARE SCARED OF DEBATE.


2. “There is no scientific peer-reviewed paper in existence which shows – using real data in the last 100, 1000, or 10,000 years – that CO2 level rises drive temperature rises and I challenge IPCC, Al Gore and the BBC to provide such. The observed facts are CO2 levels are AN EFFECT NOT A CAUSE of Climate (Temperature)”.
3. “Real data (satellite measurements) show world temperatures are now falling and that current reported rises in surface temperatures depend on politically motivated fraudulent ‘adjustments’ and ‘selection’ of actual data. These adjustments are a contination of the data fraud exposed in the ClimateGate Scandal ~2009 at the Climate-Research-Unit (CRU) of the University Of East Anglia, see http://www.WeatherAction.com and https://www.lavoisier.com.au/articles/greenhouse-science/climate-change/climategate-emails.pdf
The very warm summer spell 2018 in Britain Ireland and N/W Europe was mis represented by BBC and warmist propaganda organs as a world/ North-Hemisphere heatwave. Yet much of Russia, Australia and South America was then extremely cold and NH average land temperature on eg July 30th was in fact 0.2C BELOW normal

4. “Policy makers should note the recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report from another branch of the UN which states 12 million people died of fuel poverty last year. A reasonable estimate could be that half, 6 million, of these died and die every year because of energy price rises and scarcities imposed by ‘Climate Change’ policies. So about one holocaust a year die from Green policies. The UN want to continue this ‘Green-Genocide’. We must end it and demand energy at COST not vast profits & taxes for BigOil, climate data fraudsters & governments“.
5. “UN Climate policy is FakeScience & fraud and entirely political – not scientific or environmental in its purpose; a fact they admit. In Nov 2010 Otmar Edenhofer Co-chair of UN-IPCC Working Group 3 said (link in Presentation below**): ‘One must say clearly that we redistribute de-facto the world’s wealth by climate policy….One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore’.


“UN ‘climate’ objective is, they claim, some sort of wealth redistribution on the back of climate alarm. What we actually have on the back of this climate fraud which enables deluded people to believe they are ‘saving the planet’ is the opposite. We have massive theft by WallStreet super Corporations, BigOil and ‘(green) subsidy entrepreneurs’ (eg Elon Musk) to support massive insane Fake Green projects – wind farms, damming the Amazon, destruction of USA forests for UK Drax power station polluting wood-chips and so on; alongside massive job destruction in USA, UK and Europe, liquidation of the middle-classes and impoverishment and super-exploitation of lowest income groups over the world.


6. “CO2 is the gas of life, the world needs more not less.

Look-out for Media Reports. DEMAND BALANCE ON BBCTV and Radio4!

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