Xmas Weather In The UK

Christmas is almost always grey and insipid occasionally offering some interest. This year was the former as the early frost on Christmas Eve melted with the approach of the cloud cover before midnight (can we blame Santa for his CO2 emissions?). This video from 2011 also shows how rare a white Christmas is but also how they seem to cluster together:


By Paul Homewood

A festive crowd of hardy swimmers makes a dash into the sea for the annual Boxing Day Dip, at Overstrand in Norfolk

The annual Boxing Day dip at Overstrand, Norfolk

Hope you’ve all had a good Xmas.

Weather wise, it’s been dry and mild here, good for the dogs!

Some people of course prefer a white Christmas and complain that they are now a thing of the past.

But were cold Christmas’ s as common as we think?

Apparently not, according to the CET at least:



It is true that the warmest Christmas occurred in both 2015 and 2016, when daytime temperatures reached 13.1C. But the weather then was in reality little different to 1900, when Christmas Day hit 12.9C.

Really cold days, when temperatures were below 2C, have been very rare since records began in 1878, only occurring on 12 occasions.

Temperatures only stayed below freezing on 4 occasions, 1878, 1944, 1962 and 2010, the latter being the coldest day of all.

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3 thoughts on “Xmas Weather In The UK

  1. Greece snow and storms: 1 dead, 2 missing. Jan 5, 2019
    An elderly woman died and two men went missing on Saturday as cold front “Sophia” continued sweeping across Greece, national news agency AMNA reported.
    Firemen retrieved the dead body of a 66-year-old woman from a car in a stream at Keratea town, 30 kilometers southeast of Athens, the Fire Brigade said. Her husband, 67, and a neighbor, 64, have been missing since Thursday. They were all passengers in the car when a heavy storm hit the area.
    The weather system which has gripped Greece from Tuesday brought snowfall and downpour in many parts of the country, mostly in central and northern provinces, shutting down regional roads. The Fire Brigade had to intervene from Jan. 3 to transfer to hospitals 28 patients nationwide, as well as move to safe sites 45 travelers who had been stranded in vehicles across the country, according to an e-mailed press release on Saturday.

    Ferry services were disrupted, as winds up to 9 on the Beaufort scale were blowing at sea, while hundreds of travelers suffered from flight delays and cancellations, the civil aviation authority said. Two hundred passengers of a flight which had departed from London on Friday evening were expected to arrive in Greece on Saturday evening by air or bus from Romania. The Ryanair aircraft was diverted to Timisoara airport, as it could not land at Thessaloniki Airport in northern Greece due to adverse weather conditions.
    On Saturday, in many parts of the country the thermometer showed temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius, while the lowest (-12.5C) was recorded at Florina town in northern Greece.
    The highway between Athens and Lamia, a few kilometers outside of the town of Malakasa, on Thursday afternoon.

    Reader’s comment: Heavy snowfall in Austria is now on the Dutch MSM news. But heavy snowfall in Greece not. This news item is from Xinhuanet Ghana News. So heavy snowfall in Greece is headline news in the Chinese news for Ghana, Africa, but the Dutch MSM chooses to ignore it. And BBC News? Use the search engine on the BBC News website:
    Nope. The British people don’t need to know that.

  2. BBC NEWS world 09 Jan 2017 Parts of Greece have been blanketed in snow
    Parts of Greece have been blanketed in snow as icy temperatures continue to grip much of Europe.

    Yeah, the BBC reported about heavy snowfall in Greece, but that was TWO YEARS AGO. This year the heavy snowfall came back, but the BBC has chosen to not report about it. This because of the so-called Green Media Training. Every news that is not consistent with the Global Warming scam is either downplayed or – even better – not reported at all. BBC = FAKE NEWS.

  3. Australian news: Heavy snow in Germany, Austria, Greece causes chaos for travellers. JANUARY 6, 2019
    Heavy snowfalls across Europe — even in Greece — have thrown travel plans into chaos, trapping hundreds in alpine regions and airports, and leaving snow on Italian beaches. (..) Separately, authorities in Greece reported travel disruptions due to snowfall in the north of the country. As the record-breaking snowfalls engulfed much of central Europe, bringing the Continent the coldest Christmas in 120 years, a rare sight was seen: snow on Greek and Italian beaches.

    Reader’s comment: So the European continent has had the coldest Christmas in 120 years, but in Europe we need the Australian news to know about that.

    Cold snap brings snow and transport problems to much of Greece with video, Filmed on Saturday 05th January 2019

    Chinese news: Snowfall hits Thessaloniki, Greece 2019-01-06
    Dutch MSM: Nothing. BBC News: They reported about heavy snowfall in Greece for the last time in JANUARY 2017, two years ago: Heavy snowfall returned this year in Greece, but this time not in the BBC News. The British people don’t have to know about this, because it does not fit in with the global warming scam.


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