Piers Corbyn: Extinction Rebellion Protesters are ‘Deranged’

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother calls climate protesters ‘deranged’ as he holds a counter demonstration and denounces global warming as a ‘hoax’

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother has called protestors who glued themselves to the Labour leader’s house this week ‘deranged’.

Piers Corbyn staged a tiny counter-protest at the Extinction Rebellion occupation at Waterloo Bridge yesterday.

He waved one banner that denounced global warming as a ‘hoax’ and another calling greenhouse gas carbon dioxide a ‘gas of life’.

Protestors challenged his climate change denial and made it clear he was not part of the group.

Piers Corbyn, who is the Labour leader’s older brother, believes that accepted science on man made climate change is a ‘cover up’ that exists to push up fuel prices.

Asked about the Extinction Rebellion activists, who targeted his brother’s home on Wednesday, he said: ‘I think it was deranged.’

Condemning the protests, he added: ‘This is disrupting traffic and stopping people going to work, the police should have moved them on ages ago.’

Piers Corbyn is a physicist and meteorologist who runs a weather forecasting firm called WeatherAction that has been questioned for its unusual methods of predicting weather patterns.

He is adamant that man-made climate change is a hoax, saying in 2008: ‘CO2 has never driven, does not drive and never will drive weather or climate.
‘Global warming is over and it never was anything to do with CO2 – CO2 is still rising but the world is now cooling and will continue to do so.’

Read the full article here

Piers has been covering this deranged “controlled opposition” for some time

and recently wrote;

#Scientists4Truth counterprotests against #ExtinctionRebellion brainwashed ClimateCult –

– Waterloo bridge April 17 and Good Friday April 19.

April 17 Piers Corbyn was interviewed on LBC Iain Dale bit.ly/2UFXhB4

The Good Friday #Scientists4Truth counter-protests were reported in The DailyMail and Daily Express on Easter Saturday. The comments and Like/Dislikes on them were overwhelmingly supportive of Piers’ scientific position and strongly against Extinction-Rebellion (#XR).

Piers says: “Many #XR protesters were clearly totally ignorant of this BBC and EU-UN orchestrated protest they had got involved in, nevertheless we still gave out lots leaflets and had some good discussions.

“There is no such thing as man-made #ClimateChange.

“If the protesters wanted to do anything useful they should protest AGAINST wind farms which kill birds, bats and (eg in Germany) kill thousands of tons of pollinating insects annually. This limits crop growth and endangers rare birds and bats.

GET THE FACTS Top Leaflet => http://bit.ly/2r4WgBn <= Pass it On

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