BBC Play The Easter Three Card Trick

Although 1949 holds the record by just 1°F that was recorded in London, then at its peak population, so for 84°F (28.9°C) to be recorded in 1893 and in Cambridge (then pop. ~37K compared to 82K 1951 & 124K in 2011) making it a remarkable spell of weather. Great find Paul.


By Paul Homewood



OK, this nonsense might be alright for the Guinness Book of Records, but the BBC know full well it is meaningless, as this Easter is one of the latest on record, with many Easters occurring in March.

At no stage is this pointed out in any of the reports, which are written deliberately to foster belief in global warming.

To put this Easter into perspective, the highest temperature recorded over the weekend was 77.9F at Gosport on Saturday. It was also the hottest day of the month.

However this was way below the temperature set at Camden on Easter Saturday in 1949 of 85F, which is also the highest April temperature on record in the UK.

Not only that, but the weather in April 1893 was every bit as remarkable as in 1949:



As this week, there was an extended spell of high pressure…

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2 thoughts on “BBC Play The Easter Three Card Trick

  1. Well, This what we have come to expect from Auntie (BBC) The British Brainwashing Corporation. Their bias and fake news is becoming well known in many circles. I wonder if they would like to do an interview with Piers or Tony Heller on this subject?

    • Their output has been in overdrive of late and as for interviews they would never dare interview Tony or Piers as they are on the far skeptic side and the powers that be would have a fit!

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