Leave Them Kids Alone

My children are younger than media darling and propaganda prop Greta Thunberg and what I refuse to do is allow a cult of Malthusian’s with dubious funding and end times fervour rob my children of their future.

I also have no wish to bequeath upon any child extortionate energy costs and a world where we chose to heat or eat.

Rising electricity prices are forcing Britain’s poorest to underheat their homes

I have no desire for them to submit to a one world government which knows what is right for them because we are in the ‘cheap seats’ and should not speak when we are not worthy

nor a bunch of out of touch bourgeois protesting bubble dwellers that live by the maxim “do as I say, not as I do”.

I once worked with an Indian company. I shudder at it now, but, full of zeal I told my colleagues how India should not be run like the West because you know we in the West were bad capitalists and we should dictate how they build their economy for the benefit of their people.


Yeah pretty insulting of me but thankfully they thought I was misguided with much to learn about the world rather than a heartless neo/eco colonialist. India and its people want whatever works for them and that’s why they don’t do much more than a hat tip to UN promises.

Guest post: Why India’s CO2 emissions grew strongly in 2017

Analysis: India’s climate pledge suggests significant emissions growth up to 2030

Just as China looks after #1


10 Facts About Poverty in China

When I was a child we too were told of many hobgoblins bringing end times unless we conformed.

Particularly this one which I remember in a children’s book from the late 70s with skies a lovely shade of brown as the people wore masks;

18 spectacularly wrong Earth Day predictions: Expect more this year

According to the narrative of my school years we are supposed to have long run out of energy, food, suffocated, frazzled, all dead from AIDS and miriad of other tribulations. Somehow humanity, glaciers, polar bears and the ice caps are still there.


I can’t actually recall a time where I haven’t been told about finite resources, which never came to pass;

Hubbert’s upper-bound prediction for US crude oil production (1956) in red, and actual lower-48 states production through to 2014 in green Image: wikipedia

And all the dates of impending Armaggedon have passed without incident

and in that time I have seen life expectancy continue to rise

infant mortality and deaths from child birth, even in developing countries, continue to drop.


And less of us die from famine

All the while real environmental concerns fall by the wayside

as we focus on one molecule

And somehow believe a life giving gas

is a poison

And focus on heat, ignoring the cold

when cold is by far the bigger killer

And climate does what it always does but thankfully we have adapted far better than our forebears could ever have imagined

Yeah let’s just give it all up

And lead by example

Because it’s not like any of this is new;

Above all, whilst I might bequeath my children values, what I won’t do is use them to further my idealogical goals and terrorise them with my fears. Nor have them terrorised by fake fears;

As Churchill said;

“When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened”

Note: All the cartoons are by Josh. Give him a visit at his website or on Twitter. Thank you Josh for all that you do. 🙂

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