Summer extremes of 2018 linked to stalled giant waves in jet stream 

“In the two decades before 1999, there were no summers that saw a stalling wave pattern lasting for two weeks or more

Conveniently this just missed the summer of 1976  but “1980 (Spring):
1. The period of 8 weeks from the 2nd April 1980 was regarded as the DRIEST such spell at the time, the only other previous dry spell being August to October, 1959. This in the EWR series.”

Okay it is spring, not summer, but blocking highs are noted throughout the seasons. This contempory report from The Times in May 1980 which funnily enough also discusses blocking highs during the LIA;

Trying to pin down the change in the weather
Burroughs, W. J.
The Times (London, England), Wednesday, May 21, 1980

Surely you’d want to look at the phenomena in its entirety?

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Omega blocking highs can remain in place for several days or even weeks [image credit: UK Met Office]
Atmospheric blocking is a well-known weather phenomenon. The report below says ‘In recent years, the scientists observed a clear increase of these patterns’. But scientists have also reported a 20 year decline in solar magnetic fields and solar wind micro-turbulence levels. Coincidence, or possibly not?

Record breaking heatwaves and droughts in North America and Western Europe, torrential rainfalls and floods in South-East Europe and Japan – the summer of 2018 brought a series of extreme weather events that occurred almost simultaneously around the Northern Hemisphere in June and July, says IOP Publishing.

These extremes had something in common, a new study published today in Environmental Research Letters by an international team of climate researchers now finds.

The events were connected by a newly-identified pattern of the jet stream encircling the Earth…

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One thought on “Summer extremes of 2018 linked to stalled giant waves in jet stream 

  1. UK Parliament declares climate change emergency BBC, 1 May 2019
    MPs have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency.
    This proposal, which demonstrates the will of the Commons on the issue but does not legally compel the government to act, was approved without a vote.
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tabled the motion, said it was “a huge step forward”.

    I think it is time that Piers Corbyn should have a serious conversation with his younger brother Jeremy.
    In a democratic society we need socialists, liberals and conservatives to maintain the balance of power. But the balance of power is missing when the parliament unanimously declares a climate emergency, based upon dishonest and corrupted so-called climate-science. The earth is entering now in an accelerating cooling phase. Climate is changing, but there is no fear for irreversible heating. Instead we should worry about the coming new mini Ice Age, which has already started.

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