Eco-Loon Chris Packham Cashing In On Carbon Belching Luxury Wildlife Tours

What hypocrisy from our wannabe green overlords? Peckham, Thompson, Di Caprio, Gore. All exactly cast from the same.
For thee, not for me.


By Paul Homewood

Guido exposes eco-loon Chris Packham’s hypocrisy:


Environmental activist and BBC presenter Chris Packham has been busy of late, whether it’s causingchaos for farmers, joining disruptive Extinction Rebellion protests, writing articles warning about the “catastrophic impact” of climate change, ranting about “extreme capitalism” or generally lecturingeveryone else on how to live their lives. The petition to have him sacked from the BBC has already racked up a whopping 135,000 signatures in just two weeks…

Funnily enough, Chris’s concerns with climate change and capitalism mysteriously vanish when it comes to his own “Travel with Chris Packham” business. It turns out Chris is quite happy to take punters thousands of miles round the world on luxury wildlife tours, pumping out hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide to fly there. Provided they’re paying several thousand pounds each:

  • This August you’ve got a “a rare opportunity to spend time…

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One thought on “Eco-Loon Chris Packham Cashing In On Carbon Belching Luxury Wildlife Tours

  1. Chris Packam.
    This is the man who stopped farmers from shooting wood pigeons and crows who were destroying their crops and pecking out the eyes of lambs.

    I would advise farmers to send him bills for lost crops and livestock, then he would not have enough to spend on jetting about the world.

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