Delingpole “How President Trump can Out-Green the Prince of Wales”

Image: Cartoons by Josh

Dellers latest ahead of the Great orange One’s visit to the UK.

Dear President Trump,

We’re so looking forward to your state visit to the UK next week: it will annoy all the right people and delight all the right people — a win/win, and I know you like winning.

Before you arrive, I’d like to give you some friendly advice on how to win some more. It pertains to what could be a very sticky meeting you’re going to have on Monday with our future king, the Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles will no doubt insist on lecturing you about climate change and your supposed failure to take it seriously.

Your inclination may be to ignore him because though you’re no scientist — nor by the way is he — your perfectly-formed bullshit antennae enabled you to see the truth of the matter long ago: “climate change” is a scam being pushed by the radical left to make their mission to destroy Western industrial civilisation look like it’s caring and scientifically justified and inevitable.

But wait a second. You can do better than make this meeting an uneasy draw between two implacable opponents. Play this one right and you can come away with another victory.

There’s nothing eco-loons like Prince Charles love more than taking the moral high ground. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to demonstrate convincingly that in fact you are the one with rightness, truth and justice on his side.

Here is how:

You’re Rescuing the World from the Biggest Bill in History

More than $1.5 trillion every year is currently being spent on the global warming industry. Not a cent of this expenditure will be necessary if you can prove that the man-made climate change scare is #fakenews. And that’s just what you’re doing step by step: withdrawing from the UN Paris climate accord; restoring rigour to the science at the U.S. Geographical Survey and the National Climate Assessment; appointing world-class physicist William Happer to head a new Climate Review Panel.

Imagine if, instead of lining the pockets of junk scientists and crony capitalists, those trillions could be spent on problems that really exist: eradicating disease and malnutrition; enacting Bjorn Lomborg’s scheme to ensure that everyone in the world has access to clean drinking water.

Read the rest here

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