ARCTIC SEA-ICE –Greenland “Heatwave” Hype–

“Unprecedented” is being used as a euphemism for history as it’s an anathema to the idea logical authotarian insanity the truth faces. Those who speak against this tiny but influential group, infecting the lamestream cookie cutter media and NGO’s (i.e. the unelected and unaccountable), are marked to be removed, deplatformed, censored and shadow banned from the digital town square and who knows soon to be ostracised in society as the social credit of the digital world extends its tentacles out into the real world (why should deniers be able to use mastercard or visa?). Dissent must be destroyed and deniers decimated from the digital discourse – else the fairy stories, crafted mostly on ill informed winds, will be blown away. Milo, Alex Jones, Steven Crowder you don’t have to agree or even like them to see where this is leading and the clamour to silence dissenting options is hardly new in the climate debate.

From time to time our national history has been marred by forgetfulness of the Jeffersonian principle that restraint is at the heart of liberty. In 1789 the Federalists adopted Alien and Sedition Acts in a shabby political effort to isolate the Republic from the world and to punish political criticism as seditious libel. In 1865 the Radical Republicans sought to snare private conscience in a web of oaths and affirmations of loyalty. Spokesmen for the South did service for the Nation in resisting the petty tyranny of distrustful vengeance. In the 1920’s the Attorney General of the United States degraded his office by hunting political radicals as if they were Salem witches. The Nation’s only gain from his efforts were the classic dissents of Holmes and Brandeis.

In our own times, the old blunt instruments have again been put to work. The States have followed in the footsteps of the Federalists and have put Alien and Sedition Acts upon their statute books. An epidemic of loyalty oaths has spread across the Nation until no town or village seems to feel secure until its servants have purged themselves of all suspicion of non-conformity by swearing to their political cleanliness.

Those who love the twilight speak as if public education must be training in conformity, and government support of science be public aid of caution.

We have also seen a sharpening and refinement of abusive power. The legislative investigation, designed and often exercised for the achievement of high ends, has too frequently been used by the Nation and the States as a means for effecting the disgrace and degradation of private persons. Unscrupulous demagogues have used the power to investigate as tyrants of an earlier day used the bill of attainder.

The architects of fear have converted a wholesome law against conspiracy into an instrument for making association a crime. Pretending to fear government they have asked government to outlaw private protest. They glorify “togetherness” when it is theirs, and call it conspiracy when it is that of others.

In listing these abuses I do not mean to condemn our central effort to protect the Nation’s security. The dangers that surround us have been very great, and many of our measures of vigilance have ample justification. Yet there are few among us who do not share a portion of the blame for not recognizing soon enough the dark tendency towards excess of caution.

John F. Kennedy

Every small weather event is another small wave in the gathering tsunami to wash away our liberties and sweep up our cash.

Whilst many are caught up in the wave and do not necessarily have ill Intent, at the head and heart these people are sick, descendants of the racist inhumane eugenics movement with the ideological fervour of fanatics who will not be sated until all but the worthy, the half billion chosen few, are slaughtered by policy or conquest – this time in the name of eco-colanialism and global policy. They know nothing and care for nothing. History means nothing to them which enables every weather event to be nothing less than just another thread for them to twist, never realising that those who march under their flag will never be spared from the cull. In the age of information overload we are led by ignorant donkeys to the circling vultures.

Sunrise's Swansong

Sometimes the rants of Alarmists amuse me. Rather than moan softly and roll my eyes, I sit back and admire how something ordinary can be turned into something that sells newspapers (and/or attracts grant-money.)

In my last post I mentioned how a “blocking high-pressure” has persisted over Greenland, leading to lots of sunshine and far fewer North Atlantic gales ramming into the mountains and dumping copious amounts of snow onto the icecap. I warned this would reduce the yearly increase in Greenland’s “ice-balance”, even without including any summer melting. A massive amount flows off the ice-cap as glaciers and calves off into the sea, all year long, and, if not replaced by huge snows, the “ice-balance” dips. Alarmists were mute when the “ice-balance” blipped upwards the past two years, but I warned they would find their voices this summer as the ice-balance fell.

I neglected to include a further warning…

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