These green targets waved through by MPs will make the cost of no deal look like small change

Whatever your view about the desirability and feasibility of net-zero, there is something unseemly about it being waved into law with no vote and the minimum of parliamentary scrutiny to boost the battered ego of one of Britain’s worst Prime Minsters. Perhaps it should be put to a confirmatory referendum?

Nailed it.


By Paul Homewood

There may be no Booker now, but at least the Telegraph have found someone else to counter the government’s climate nonsense:


Never let it be said that Parliament cannot get things done when it wants to. In the three years since the referendum, MPs have not only rejected Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement but have failed to produce a majority for every other conceivable plan to exit the European Union.

Those who never wanted Brexit in the first place say that it will cost the country billions. Britain is too small and insignificant to stand alone, they say. Nobody voted to be poorer, they say.

Contrast this parliamentary rigor mortis with the passage of the Climate Change Act 2008 (2050 Target Amendment) Order which was nodded through on Monday evening, just twelve days after being first laid before the House of Commons.

Unanimously approved after a self-congratulatory, back-slapping…

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