A great piece of biting satire 😂

Thongchai Thailand


GRETA THUNBERG GAVE A CLIMATE SPEECH JULY 23, 2019. This post is a transcrption of the speech but not as delivered but as interpreted by the transcript writer. 

  1. OK so the world will not end in the year 2030. I know I used to say stuff like that but I changed my mind. The new program is this. By the year 2030, if we continue with business as usual we will likely be in a position where we may pass a number of tipping points. The first tipping point is that I have been coached on the use of words like LIKELY, MIGHT, COULD, and MAY because they allow you to say stuff without the possibility of being held accountable. Another tipping point is that we might no longer be able to undo the irreversible climate breakdown.
  2. I am not sure what an irreversible climate breakdown is or…

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