Forget About Greta, There is No Climate Crisis

It appears that finally the pushback against Greta Thunbot, or rather her controlling child abusing adults overlords, has begun – although it’s a bit like getting an oil tanker to do a three point turn.

Below are three different takes on her Crusade, all of which miss one fundamental point.

The first video by commenter and provocateur Paul Joseph Watson is far from sympathetic but not exactly wrong (Warning strong language);

The next video by Daisy Cousens is sympathetic to a fault, the fault being Daisy thinks Greta is well read and believes that the motives of her parents are essentially pure.

Anyone who has read the scientific literature, rather than the media advocacy pieces or the politically correct Summary for Policy Makers, would not be advocating panic unless they have another agenda in mind – usually the overthrow of the capitalistic system regardless of the consequences and/or implementation of a world government that mandates everything even down to what you eat.

Such is their authoritarian streak and hypocrisy (not to mention sheer absurdity on their mandates – rather like the EU) the UN will probably at some point control human anus emissions whilst happily huffing their own farts.

It is abundantly clear that when she is no longer useful to the system she is advocating for, Greta will get spat on the other side as a dazed, confused and used husk.

Why would any parent allow their child to live in irrational fear?

Or join a cult?

Finally we have Spiked online editor Brendan O’Neil, who gets it more than most but still fundamentally fails to actually tackle the central pillar of lunacy – there is no Climate Crisis.

All the crisis is, is a marketing tool. A phrase to repackage and sell a failed product – to kids!

As Chiefio recently put it;

How can you tell this is a marketing operation and not an actual concern? Because when you are selling a product and the public are staying away in droves one of the Go To behaviours to to “repackage” the product. Add some color and dash to the wrapper, give it a more “exciting” new name…

So we have a product that’s not moving off the shelf fast enough. The GEBs (Greedy Evil Bastards) pushing it are not happy with the $Millions they are creaming off and really really want that $200 BILLION PER YEAR they were promised from the “Paris Agreement” (mostly from the USA…) and they have spanked their minions again about it. So we get an even more Screaming Name.

So what is is now, what have I forgotten from the litany?

Global Warming
Climate Change
Climate Weirding
Carbon Pollution
Climate Disruption

It seems to be a hallmark of The Scammers that they are always looking for ways to manipulate the psychology of the situations they create and not ways to actually address the physicality of things.

Climate Emergency Yawn

So whilst there is pushback, we need pushback on the fake idea of a crisis itself – not Greta who is just a figurehead that will be replaced once her usefulness has passed. We need pushback on the ludicrous idea that we should panic, all because #weatherisbad and we need to return Narnia to it’s Goldilocks’ state, that unless we make a decision now under panic and duress we can’t control the weather! But… we have less than a bakers dozen of years eighteen months left 20 seconds to comply:

In fact the only decent pushback that doesn’t fawn to the deciept and actually speaks truth to power, rather than weilding the stick of the powerful, is from the comedy world;

This moral panic needs to be consigned to the same dustbin of history as blaming witches for bad weather.

Want to know what a real climate crisis looks like?

5 thoughts on “Forget About Greta, There is No Climate Crisis

  1. Paul Joseph Watson,

    The latest Weather Action post concerning the comments of the above on Greta Thunberg move me to add a comment.
    I have stopped listening to PJW because of his use of words beginning with “F”, called strong language on this post.
    This a great pity because most of his content is very good and I remain quite sure that he is well able to put his point across without resorting to expletives.
    This lowering of standards seems to be gaining traction on youtube and very often spoils good content, from my point of view that is.
    I have commented on PJW’s site concerning his use of unnecessary words and the possibility of children being able to hear.
    It is to be hoped that Weather Action will maintain its usual good content?

    • Hi Bryan, personally I’m not bothered by the language but I know from Tim Pool that some watch videos at home and they may have children about in which case the language is not appropriate. I believe PJW watchers tend not to be bothered by the language either, however to reach a maximum audience avoiding swearing would work better – and it’s something he’s capable of as I’ve seen in his other content. I can’t say I’ll never have swearing in future posts but I’ll always try and make sure there’s adequate warning, kept to a minimum and is relevant to the subject.

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