Bolivia’s Wildfires Ignored By The BBC



By Paul Homewood

h/t Mr GrimNasty

I doubt whether you’ll see this on the BBC:


Up to 800,000 hectares of the unique Chiquitano forest were burned to the ground in Bolivia between August 18 and August 23. That’s more forest than is usually destroyed across the country in two years.

Experts say that it will take at least two centuries to repair the ecological damage done by the fires, while at least 500 species are said to be at risk from the flames.

The Chiquitano dry forest in Bolivia was the largest healthy tropical dry forest in the world. It’s now unclear whether it will retain that status. The forest is home to Indigenous peoples as well as iconic wildlife such as jaguars, giant armadillos, and tapirs. Some species in the Chiquitano are found nowhere else on Earth.

Distressing photographs and videos from the area show many animals have…

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2 thoughts on “Bolivia’s Wildfires Ignored By The BBC

  1. The BBC did have a radio report on Bolivian wildfires this morning. Maybe they read PH’s article 😉

    Also a brief mention here:

    Neighbouring Bolivia is also struggling to contain fires burning in its forests.

    On Sunday President Evo Morales suspended his re-election campaign and said he was prepared to accept international help to tackle blazes in his country’s Chiquitania region.

    • Thanks OB. I think the media’s attitude is to gently close the gate once they’re sure everyone is watching the horse that’s bolted – gotta keep up appearances 😂

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