ARCTIC SEA-ICE —The Refreeze Begins—(UPDATED)

As ever an excellent read from Caleb written at the end of August but very telling in discussing how the seas are behaving and acting upon our planet. Very interesting that the PDO had a flip to warm, which may rival the warm blob in the Pacific these past few years, during the late 50’s and early 60’s. That may well have supported the ridges and troughs that supported the vicious winter of 1962-63 which affected the whole planet. Certainly the cold Atlantic blob west of Portugal could well be involved in pulling the jetstream south leading to the current flooding there and conversely the massive pumps of heat we’ve experienced in Western Europe. Hubert Lamb noted some interesting developments that preceded that great winter and whilst it will not repeat we look for the rhyme. 🤔

Sunrise's Swansong

The summer has been rather ordinary up at the Pole, (all Alarmist vs. Skeptic hoopla notwithstanding). The sea-ice remains at very low levels, which is to be expected with both the AMO and PDO in their “warm” phases.

Not that things are boring. There is always something fascinating going on at the Pole, partly because we know so little about that region. In essence we are all novices, (and don’t be fooled by certain men in white lab-coats who like to put on airs and pretend otherwise). We haven’t passed all the way through a single, entire cycle of the AMO since we started getting satellite observations, and are actually watching what occurs as the AMO moves from its “warm” phase to its “cold” phase for the very first time.

What gets boring is having to deal with the drag of politics. The really spectacular claims of Alarmists, (that the…

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One thought on “ARCTIC SEA-ICE —The Refreeze Begins—(UPDATED)

  1. Craig,

    Thanks for re-blogging my post on your Weatheraction site. I got an upward blip in the number of views at my site. Also I was mentioned on the Ice-age-now site, and there was a kind comment about my post on WUWT.

    I think it is important that we redirect people to each other’s sites because, as you likely know, Google, Facebook and Youtube are using so-called “algorithms” to “screen” posts. While they insist their algorithms only remove obscene and racist posts, they apparently include any criticism of things such as “Climate Change.” This is an assault on Freedom of Speech, and must be countered.

    Actually I was getting tired of debating Alarmists, and my interest was turning away from Arctic Sea-Ice, and towards things less likely to interest people, (like my poetry). But the attempt to silence Skeptical views on Climate Change drew me back to the subject.

    Despite a definite dip in the number of people who come to my site via search engines, the number of visitors at my obscure site shot upwards from 50-60 per day to over 800, merely due to word-of-mouth links such as your re-blogging. Thanks again. And I’ll mention your site in my next sea-ice post.

    I was very interested in the screen-shot of Hubert Lamb’s observations concerning the 1962-1963 winter, and will include it in my next post. In some ways there are similarities between then and now. What jumped out at me was the sea-ice being shifted to the Atlantic side of the Pole. Though the extent of ice is less now the shift seems the same. This makes me want to find some spare time to look into how the fall progresses in Eastern Canada. If it is warmer-than-usual there and colder-than-usual in England, my ears will perk up.

    I really like Hubert Lamb. Back then Climate Scientists could focus on science, and largely ignore politics.

    Take care and stay well.

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