Watch “Activists lectures about the environment from their private jets”

Vee Monroe is a Romanian YouTuber I have featured before. He quite clearly believes in the “concensus” and is sadly quite ignorant on many weather events that have affected Romania for instance believing, out of ignorance, that tornadoes in Romania are unusual if not unprecedented. If he had cared to search for a few moments one of the top hits would bring up B. Antonescu Tornadoes in Romania: From dragons to radars who stated

In 2006, the only historical report that we had in the database was of a tornado that occurred in Bucharest on 9 June 1886.

Rather worryingly was the widespread belief that tornadoes cannot affect Romania:

At that time [2004] the general opinion was that tornadoes cannot occur in Romania, despite the previous observations of tornadoes in this country. For example, on August 2002 a F3+ long-track tornado that occurred over southeastern Romania was responsible for at least three fatalities (Lemon et al. 2003). So, why tornadoes cannot form in Romania? Lemon et al. (2003) provide this explanations:

“It has been stated publicly by senior meteorologists that the latitude of Romania (∼45° north) was too far north to permit tornadoes. Beyond that, little explanation has been given except in newspapers where it was stated that tornadoes are ‘confined to the tropics’.”
— Lemon et al. (2003, p. 392)

This situation resulted in what Doswell III (2003) described as a self-fulfilling prophecy: since the existence of tornadoes in Romania was denied, then no records were keep for such events, and when tornadoes do occurred they were not reported.

This does raise the point that it is ignorance of history that allows the scam to perpetuate and damns meteorologists for not speaking out against weather ignorance, instead only choosing to amass ranks when a skeptic makes an inconvenient point.

Despite his belief that what he sees as proof, a belief I also once held, Vee, who has lived under authotarian rule, knows an authotarian when he hears one and is quite cutting and incisive with his remarks on the whole hypocritical facade that is the green/red watermelon movement. They don’t want to save the planet – they want your cash and liberty.

Warning he uses the S word so caution needed if listening with children around.

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