EU Rules Expose Britain’s Flood Defences

To add to Paul’s excellent analysis on the current flooding, this is a good thread on Fishlake’s history (the clue is in the name):

If we are to learn any lessons from the current deluge, it is that we must relearn what we have quite possibly known for millennia – that in times of feast we prepare for famine and in times of flood prepare for drought. There was a reason why year after year we practised tasks such as dredging and whitewashing houses. It is by understanding that and maintaining – modifying if need – the infrastructure, both natural and man made, which protects us from the worst ravages the weather throws at us.


By Paul Homewood

According to the Express:


EU directives on “habitats”, “birds”, “water” and “floods” have dominated the UK’s river management strategy for nearly 20 years. The Government’s hands have been tied by a vast list of European Union directives, critics say. The Environment Agency must obey strict rules set in the EU Water Framework Directive to protect wildlife and plants when implementing its dredging strategy.

While the Government has the final decision on whether to clear water channels of silt build-ups, sources have told the Express.that the process is severely hindered by EU rules protecting the “ecological health of rivers”.

The EU insists flood risk management “should work with nature, rather than against it”, according to a note released by the bloc’s environment department in 2011.

Work dredging the country’s waterways has been significantly scaled back because of the huge costs of disposing of silt under the EU Waste…

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