Met Office Extreme Rainfall Scam

In Climate: Present, Past and Future: Volume 2, Hubert Lamb made some astute observations when carrying a gaze backwards through our climate history, particularly Thomas Barker’s observations in 1775;

These changes affected clothing ;

And many other practices;

So by focusing in on just one small period of this history and ignoring what happened before is folly. If we wish to understand and prepare we ignore our history at our peril, yet the Met Office which has all this history available, places it in a memory hole so they can push a political narrative. 🤔


By Paul Homewood

h/t John Cooknell




But every time they do so, they start their analysis in or around 1961. Note, in this example, they use 1961-90 as a base.

However, as I have reported previously, it is well established amongst experts in this field that this period, from the 1960s to 90s, was a “flood dry period” in the UK, a term which has come to be commonly used amongst scientists.

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