Piers Corbyn on the late David Bellamy

Chief weather forecaster for Weatheraction.com, Piers Corbyn wrote of the late David Bellamy

David Bellamy principled naturalist, scientist and honest broadcaster died aged 86 on 11 Dec. Piers Corbyn writes:

We’ve all lost something, humanity has lost something, science has lost a real champion. David Bellamy the inspirer of millions of youth into the science of nature and the only honest science broadcaster of modern times died 11 Dec.

The newspapers in somewhat evasive terms under-rate his importance and described him as having become “controversial” for dismissing man-made Climate-Change (which he accurately described as “poppycock”).

The modern mainstream media all of which are an utter disgrace to evidence-based science and the concept honesty – that word which is not in their vocabulary – had to describe him as “controversial” for in fact speaking the truth. This is because they are now willing servile propagandists for the new 1984 Ministry of Truth lie machine which propagates anti-science on climate 24/7.

Bellamy lost all his broadcasting jobs and loads of other posts for speaking the truth and the same would happen to Attenborough if he deviated an inch from the UN-EU (4thReich) diktats of the Tax and control narrative of the Fake science of ManMade Climate change LOL.

David Bellamy gave an amazing presentation at the WeatherAction-Climate Realists first ClimateFools Day* conference in 2008 held in Imperial College.

This marked the advent of the ClimateChange Act – the worlds first law against nature.

A few years later as he was becoming less active he said to me in a cafe in St Pancras station – the last time I saw him: “Piers, you must press on, you must stand your ground against this (Climate Change) nonsense. WE (science etc) NEED YOU. Keep it up.”

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One thought on “Piers Corbyn on the late David Bellamy

  1. Well spoken Piers, we have certainly lost a gem with the passing of David, he was always a joy to listen to bringing botany alive for many. I trust that you will take heed to his words on St Pancras station and speak the truth. In times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, George Orwell.
    There are others in our country who have found this and have lost their jobs or been sent to jail on trumped up charges, need I say more

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