#Snowmageddon: State of Emergency in Newfoundland as Canadians Dig Themselves Out After Record Blizzard

That is one heck of a snow storm! 😳

Residents had been told to prepare for an expected 40 to 75 centimetres of snow. By 12:30 p.m., 33 centimetres had already been recorded at St. John’s International Airport since 5 a.m., according to Environment Canada meteorologist David Neil. He said 20 centimetres had fallen within two hours.

By mid-morning in St. John’s, snow was blowing in all directions and city streets were all but abandoned. The provincial government said plows were being taken off highways in the Avalon peninsula due to dangerous conditions, and advised people to avoid travel. Late Friday, St. John’s also pulled its plows from the roads, citing deteriorating conditions and reduced visibility

Unprecedented’ blizzard prompts state of emergency in St. John’s, N.L.

St. John’S, Newfoundland (AP) — Newfoundland’s premier asked for the Canadian military’s help Saturday as residents of the province’s capital struggled to tunnel out from homes buried by the heaviest snowfall ever recorded in St. John’s


Rob Carroll, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said St. John’s had experienced a one-day snowfall of 76.2 centimeters (30 inches), breaking the previous record of 68.4 centimeters (27 inches) on April 5, 1999.


St. John’s Mayor Danny Breen said he has lived in the city most of his life and has never seen a storm of this magnitude.

“I’ve never seen the combination of the amount of snow, the rate of snowfall and the wind speed that we’ve had here over the past couple of days,” Breen said.

Winds at the St. John’s International Airport were recorded at between 120 and 157 kph (75 and 98 mph) at the height of the storm.

Bloomberg: Newfoundland Asks for Military Help After Record Blizzard