Iraq sees Biggest Snowfall in a Century | Six Meters High in Iran

Whilst Europe has seen a relative snow drought, places more used to drought are seeing snow. The Middle East, certainly its doing better than Norfolk this year.

Baghdad experienced snowfall for the first time in over a decade on Tuesday, in what meteorologists claim is the biggest snowfall in Iraq for the past century.

The Jetstream dips into the Middle East |

People rushed to have snowball fights and take selfies on Tuesday as residents woke on Tuesday to a city carpeted in white. Iraqis of all ages said it was the first time they had ever seen snowfall in Baghdad.

According to the Iraqi Meteorological Organization, the country is currently experiencing a cold polar air mass, which reached its climax early on Tuesday morning. Current weather forecasts indicate that the air mass will cover the entire country, causing a sharp fall in temperatures.

Iraq: Snow Falls in Baghdad for First Time Since 2008

Argiris Diamantis brings us more snow news from Iran [note Google translation of Persian]:

Iran, Tuesday, 11th of February.

The heavy snowfall in Guilan province has caused severe problems for the people of Guilan during the last 9 hours and in addition, many travelers have had problems on the roads leading to Guilan province. Some of these troubles still continue until Tuesday evening.

The Tjartnyvz, heavy snowfall in 24 hours in Gilan province for the people of this province has created serious problems and in addition, many of the travelers on the road leading to Gilan province have been experiencing many problems. Some of these troubles still continue until Tuesday evening.

Until recently, some of the people’s problems have been reported by official media and part of their encounters have been reflected in video and photo on social media. But what are the official news agencies’ latest accounts of this happening? The report cites the latest news on the situation.

Gilan Provincial Crisis Director General said heavy snowfall and heavy snowstorms have stopped cars on several axes with the center of Saravan highway police station and 2km of traffic on several axes as we open and drive oncoming vehicles and passengers.

Guilan Police Chief Rahul Gandhi said the police arrested two thousand passengers on many roads in the province and said: “In this weather it will not be allowed to travel to Guilan before the weather conditions change.”

According to some residents in the province, the electricity and landline of some households in Guilan are still cut off.

The director of Gilan Rural Water and Wastewater Company said: Currently the water in 4 villages of Gilan province has been cut off due to heavy snowfall

Latest snow news in Guilan province / Guilan people’s plight and road commuters

Six-meter snow covered the Qarah Bolagh district in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan of Iran, a provincial official said Monday.

The heavy snowfall blocked the Mahabad-Bukan road in the northwestern province for the third day on Monday, Head of Mahabad’s Road Maintenance and Transportation Office Mohsen Khademi said, IRNA reported.

The heavy snowfall, which began on Saturday in Iran’s western and northwestern provinces, caused some roadblocks in the region.

The snow storm has been unprecedented in the region for the past few years, the official said.

Khademi added a number of cars and vehicles belonging to the office, including two snow grinders, were completely buried under mound of snow.

The road maintenance team rescued 25 people trapped in the snowstorm along the roads in areas in the province, Khademi said.

The official also said that the weather conditions prevented the emergency services from reaching the cars trapped in the snow.

Six-meter-high snow blankets northwestern Iran