Watch Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen “Green Fascism”

Bjorn is a Norwegian woodsman and is what we would have called in former times a conservationist or environmentalist. His website bio describes himself as:

a novelist from Norway… fascinated by the Viking Age since childhood. I like doing hands-on research of the old ways – it helps me connect with the characters in my novels. Also, I just love the outdoors life.

Except being a novelist, I am also a traveller, father, bushcrafter, yachtsman, historic archer and bowmaker, and best friend to a lazy dog.

In this video he tackles the agenda being pushed by the current wave of enironmentalists such as Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion;

The new wave of environmentalism is less about the environment and more about control. Extinction rebellion is fascism in a green uniform.

As Piers Corbyn, lead forecaster for WeatherAction has said

The Climate Policies we have are not to Control Climate but to Control You

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