Watch @Tony_Heller “Carbon Sins Causing Locust Plague”

Locust plagues are a sign of our changing climate. They were probably a sign of witches and not enough child sacrifices too. 🤦‍♂️

One thought on “Watch @Tony_Heller “Carbon Sins Causing Locust Plague”

  1. The Socialists-Marxists will tell any lie to scare people into committing financial suicide. All they really want is to control our economy and control us citizens!
    That’s all.
    The Climate-Chaos scare tactics is just a means to their end. Control Forever!
    Look how many decades this Global Ice Age, Global Warming, Global Climate Change, has been going on with the end of the world coming in 20, 10, 30 years!
    It’s all bull manure! Beware of their lies! That’s what’s dangerous.

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