Watch “Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch”

Agenda and ideologically driven members of our society don’t exactly fall into the “we’re in this together brother” category. As bad as panic buying stocks which deprive others, they are using the Covid-19 global crisis to push the Green agenda – practically salivating at the result of death and disruption making it quite clear the kind of world they want to see to bring forth their vision of a Green Utopia.

I have been calling them vultures for many a year now and with good reason.

These people are very, very sick and when we emerge from this crisis on the other side we can only hope for a correction of this madness where these people are ignored not amplified.

Disclaimer: WeatherAction and CraigM350 make no claims regarding the veracity of the issues raised regarding Covid-19. This has been shared solely to highlight how those adhering to the Green Agenda have latched onto to the current global crisis. We hope that you all manage to stay safe.

This is a columnist for GQ magazine:

A Times columnist:

The Irish Green Party:

The random image from misanthropes on Facebook:

The head of NASA GISS:

Meteorologist Ryan Maue sums it up rather well:

4 thoughts on “Watch “Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch”

  1. Hi Craig,

    On this side of the Pond there was a rush for toilet paper, but now things are getting back to normal. I have the sense various drugs will quell the fears about the virus in a week or two. Until then, stay well!

    You might want to keep an eye on that MOSAiC expedition drifting down towards Fram Strait after a winter near the Pole. I think they may be facing a resupply problem, partly because strong winds messed up their blue-ice airstrip with leads and pressure-ridges, but also because they are nervous about importing the Corona Virus. I discuss it in my long-winded way, (while also grousing about Fake News), here:

    • I was lucky as I have a farm shop not far. In fact most of them had plenty. Supermarkets were a different story, but it is getting better. They even had toilet paper today 😂 Very eery though 😩

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