Whaley Bridge Dam Collapse Due To Poor Design & Maintenance, Not Climate Change

Tantrums and blame during the event yet silence when the examination of the causes, poor maintenance, becomes clear 🤔 Climate change attribution in a nutshell.


By Paul Homewood

h/t John Cooknell



You will no doubt recall the Whaley Bridge dam collapse last summer, which Sir James Bevan, Chairman of the Environment Agency, predictably blamed on climate change:


Well, it appears that Bevan and his chums at the EA were asleep at the wheel, because a full independent review into the near catastrophe, published a couple of months ago but seemingly not well publicised, puts the blame firmly on a combination of poor design, exacerbated by inadequate maintenance.

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One thought on “Whaley Bridge Dam Collapse Due To Poor Design & Maintenance, Not Climate Change

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