Watch “Piers Corbyn: ‘coronavirus just whacked on death certificates”

Following his arrest at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park on Saturday,

Piers Corbyn spoke to TalkRadio, or rather didn’t get to speak much. 🙄

Journalist James Delingpole attended the anti-lockdown protest and “was threatened with a fine and arrest for the crime of doing my job

He wrote afterwards:

everyone present could not quite believe just how easily so many British people had surrendered willingly to the most flagrant assault on liberty in centuries.

This ought not to be a weird, eccentric thing to want to protest…

The right to protest is a long-established British tradition — and never more important than in times as illiberal as these

Even former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption recently commented:

The lockdown is now all about protecting politicians’ backs. They are not wicked men, just timid ones, terrified of being blamed for deaths on their watch. But it is a wicked thing that they are doing.

As Piers summed up the feelong in his recent tweet:

The greatest choice of history lies before us.

If we miss the bigger picture & get marched deeper into the BigBrother police state, the “New Normal”, which we never voted for, that is the end of democracy, culture & civilization as we know it.

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One thought on “Watch “Piers Corbyn: ‘coronavirus just whacked on death certificates”

  1. Hi Piers, we’re glad you are well & Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to bring about the facts. We have heard recently that protesting will do no good but we don’t see it that way. Peaceful protest really helps public awareness & the police too. You set a great example for others to follow, so everyone get down to the beach this weekend for some herd, Deb & Karl 👍👍👍

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