Book Review: “Apocalypse Never” By Michael Shellenberger

climate policies toward the developing world are a form of neo-colonialism. “It is hypocritical and unethical to demand that poor nations follow a more expensive and thus slower path to prosperity that the West followed,”

#GreenImperialism is one of the most unnerving and disgusting tenets of those pushing the neoliberal green agenda, which I wrote about long ago:

It is a vile form of liberal racism based upon the belief the savages need saving – it’s for their own good! Simply put the Green agenda will kill millions. Malthusian gorilla huggers and their apocalyptic cult sicophants are a clear and present danger to all humankind.

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By Peter Murphy~

The way to a cleaner, sustainable planet is not to eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear power, but rather to expand their use, especially in developing countries to bring economic growth and prosperity, the way such sources did for the developed world.

This is one of the primary themes in the new book, Apocalypse Never, written not by a “climate denier” or “corporate shill.” Instead, author Michael Shellenberger is a 30-year environmental activist with street cred in various causes including saving California’s redwood forests and co-founding a “progressive Democratic, labor-environment push” in 2002 for the New Apollo Project, a renewable energy initiative that long predated the Green New Deal. He also is a Time magazine “Hero of the Environment.”

Shellenberger’s background is a key reason Apocalypse Never is so devastating to extremist environmentalism that has taken hold in politics, the media, K-12 education and popular culture…

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