BBC promotes its climate agenda on the back of recent train crash

Climate Amnesia

August 1829

In Stonehaven the houses in Cameron Street, Arbuthnot
Street, Ann Street, and part of Barclay Street were inundated to the depth of many feet. Many of the inhabitants only received the first intimation of their perilous situation by the water coming in contact with their warm beds. Two wooden bridges over the Carron were swept down the stream.

August 1958

The Mearns Leader described how heavy rain at the start of August had lead to a hurried evacuation of the Mill Lade campsite due to flooding from the Cowie and rainwater, and that “Householders near the lower reaches of the Carron, which was also running high, took precautions against the flooding of their properties”. At the end of the month there was a further flood event on the Cowie, and landslides at the Bervie Braes, although no mention of flooding from the Carron was made.

Aberdeenshire Council Appendix A: Stonehaven December 2012 Flood Event Review

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Credit: BBC
Another round of the usual ‘scientists agree’ assertions without saying which scientists, what exactly they supposedly agree on, and where the evidence – if it exists – can be found.
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It’s already clear that torrential rain played a significant part in the first fatal derailment in the UK since 2007.

Scotland’s Transport Minister Michael Matheson has confirmed the conditions were a factor and Network Rail footage shows there were landslides in the area.

The climate is changing and scientists agree it’s very different to when the railways were built by our Victorian ancestors, claims BBC News.

Though landslips are not uncommon, particularly in that area around Stonehaven, climate change means they are happening much more frequently as the land struggles to cope with the volume of water.

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