One thought on “Richard Betts Misunderstands Basic Science

  1. Richard Betts is a computer modeler – not a scientist. So I’m not surprised. A real scientist must understand the scientific method simply to do their job. A climate modeler probably finds it easier to do their job when they misunderstand how the scientific method works. Because mathematical models such as the atmospheric model of the greenhouse gas effect, GHGE, operate in contradiction to the scientific method. In that when we test the model against observation it fails.
    Test ___________________________________ GHGE Model _______ Observation _____
    optical thickness of the atmosphere to infrared … assumes it increases .. stays the same
    emission of longwave infrared to space ………….. predicts it decreases … increases
    humidity of the the atmosphere ……………………… predicts it increases …. decreased in last 15 years
    hotspot over the tropics altitude: 10km to 12km .. predicts it forms ………. no trace found


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