Latest IPCC Report: Burn More Witches

It’s bad. It’s really bad. Last chance saloon bad. The kind of last chance saloon bad we’ve been warning you about for decades, like in June 1989;

And because you didn’t listen we’ve had to ramp up the rhetoric

And because you didn’t listen we’re even more certain we are right and that it’s your fault

Despite telling you every year that we still have time if we only submit to unelected authoritarian government control, it’s pretty clear that the pathway forward is to submit to authoritarian government control. There is still time for the social carbon credit system to be forced down your throat save us from witches cooking the weather like we’ve been cooking the data!

For some sober analysis, Roger Pielke has some initial thoughts;

But when you are dealing with a systemic failure to burn witches, despite the iconic hockey stick, you can’t be sober.

Burn witches. It’s what the Greta would want you to do.

I mean it’s not like we’ve not made our intentions clear

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