Revealed: the BBC’s guide for pushing climate propaganda

Both the ‘disengaged traditionalists’ and ‘backbone conservatives’ are listed in the research alongside the euphemistic label ‘British pride.’

The former group can apparently be won over by changing the messenger and a focus on ‘national pride in practical achievements’, while the latter – skeptical, male, and working-class – are allegedly susceptible to messages which talk about ‘manufacturing fit for purpose.’

That perfectly encapsulates the entire tax payer funded, ecosystem of metropolitan elites – completely detatched from the rest of the population and unable to articulate why we don’t believe in human sacrifice at the altar of #NetZero. They really just don’t get it – as they didn’t get UKIP, Brexit, the Brexit Party, Orange Man or even why we didn’t worship Magic Grandpa like they did. The biggest difference between 2014 and now is we are far, far more pissed off and the brutal reality of #NetZero is going to open many more eyes and ears.

This ‘us and them’ divide is what happens when all they do most of the day is huff each others farts, then spend the rest of the day reading about how wonderful huffing farts is and afterwards meet with like minded minded people, often employed by companies that lobby for huffing farts, so they can discuss fart huffing. Bloody hell all they did at university was huff farts, so why shouldn’t they expect it continue in their employment? How could anyone not believe as they do? Ah but, in their minds, this is all about communicating, because failure so far has been due to not finding the right messaging to tell the smelly, small minded working-classes that fart huffing is the only way to go, rather than fart huffing is pretty gross. Ah! But the only reason these ‘British pride’ groups don’t believe is because they haven’t had the wonders of flatulence inhalation, and computer models built by fart huffers, properly explained to them! They’ll need a report then!

Such are the signs and symptoms of a narcissistic personality cult embedded within a culture of institutional deviance.

Fart huffers beware.

Tallbloke's Talkshop

BBCpicBBC staffers were recently taught how best to push messages about climate doom. So much for impartiality. Licence payers never agreed to this condescending nonsense.
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Climate change is once again dominating the news agenda, says The Spectator (via Climate Change Dispatch).

A report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that even if emissions are cut rapidly, the effects of global warming will be felt across the world.

The report – which Boris Johnson has declared sobering reading – leads the news today, with the BBC dedicating seven stories on its homepage today to climate change.

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